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By Foxinuhbox
So to start this off, this is a huge deal for me like i cant even count how many times ive said id wanna do something but never act on it or try. For a while id always watch cooking or baking stuffs on the tube of you and decided hey ill make bread! Well so far up to this date ive made dinner rolls twice once plain ole rolls with a dusting of flour on top and the other with a bit of melted buttah and salt :P
Im still going on trying new bread and was wondering if anyone else enjoys baking or if anyone else is similar in the sense of wanting to start something but never does. I hope one day to make sour dough :P cant wait to read the responses

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I relate so much... there are so many projects I have been thinking of starting for years.
Just to name a few:
- writing a novel (started writing in 2014... still only a few pages long XD)
- writing a song (I have written songs as part of music assignments, but ive always wanted to write a personal song with my own lyrics and record it and stuff)
- making my own little/petplay gear (I used to be very craftly when i was younger, but havnt gotten around to doing anything like that recently)

In terms of baking, I quite enjoy baking cakes and desserts. I sometimes make these really yummy buns with cusurd on the inside!
Ive made bread with a bread maker before, but my father tried to make sour dough once and completely failed... XD It ended up smelling disgusting so he gave up.

goodluck with your bread making :)
Best Wishes <3

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