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Naming my Holland Lop Bunny

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Naming my Holland Lop Bunny

Postby little-himeoto » 4 months ago

Eeee I'm finally getting my Holland Lop bunny!! It's a little boy, 8 weeks old, brown and white. He is precious, absolutely adorable. Only problem? I don't know what to name him!!

Do you guys have any suggestions? :heart:
Stay sweet xoxo ::3:

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Re: Naming my Holland Lop Bunny

Postby Miss » 3 months ago

I have a giant Flemish boy! He's pretty wonderful and, since he's neutered (please consider having your little guy neutered), he is super laid back and well-behaved. He's a free-range rabbit who is litter trained so he has full hop of the house (although, most of the time he's just stretched out relaxing). I thought of a lot of rabbit names prior to naming him so I'll throw out a few:

Harvey (from the movie; this was my second choice)
Peter (like, you know, Peter Rabbit)
Bugs (Bugs Bunny from Looney Tunes)
Buster (from Tiny Toons Adventures)
Max (from Max and Ruby on Nick Jr.)
Thumper (from Bambi)
Jack (like "jack rabbit")
Cadbury (like the Cadbury Caramel Bunny)
Energizer (from the battery brand)
Nesquik (if you're a chocolate milk fan)
Trix (for kids, of course)
Frank (from Donnie Darko)
Roger (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)

You can also give him sophisticated names too, like:

Capitain Carrot
Sir Cottontail
Master Bunston

Since it's around the holiday then you could name him a holiday themed name too:

Nicholas (like Saint Nicholas)
Year (like New Years Day)

Some non-novelty names are kind of nice too. My big bunny boy has a regular, everyday type of name. I felt like if I gave him a novelty name then I would feel like he wasn't a real, permanent member of the household. Now, I didn't name him something I'd name a child if I had one, but I did name him something common and not really pet-like too much. My rabbit's name is simply Fred.

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