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Learned a lesson (vent/rant)

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Learned a lesson (vent/rant)

Postby Docotaco » 4 months ago

I learned a very valuable lesson today.

If they don't want to compromise or actually try to fix what it wrong. Than you don't need them.
If they're going to read everything you say in a angry or cynical way then why bother? I tried fixing it. I tried to compromise. I even gave screen-shotted proof that I tried. I tried so hard to be friends because I wasn't ready to be with them as a cg/l relationship.. yet.

Just lesson learned !!
I am not naming names. Just sort of a vent?
I mean I've vented and ranted to my friends about them, and I should have listened to them.

I just cried for a good 4 or 5 minutes. Morning the lose of a potential friend, realizing now, they were never really a potential friend. Just, we were complete opposites, so that didn't help.

So, I hope said person is having fun 'firetrucking bleeps' as they stated that was their job.
I will not miss you.. I mean, I will for like a week or less, but then I'll forget cause I have great firetrucking friends

Please do not let people like this into your life.
It was an exhausting week and a half of trying to get to know them. I cried way too much trying to hold on to someone that obviously didn't want to be friends.

Again I am not going to name names.
I am just venting/ranting about a situation that has happened in my life. Hoping that if someone reads this they too can learn.

I just hope everyone has a splendid holiday and a wonderful new years[/b]

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