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We've implemented the ability for users to add a notation onto their personal ads when they have stopped looking for a little, Caregiver, or friend(s). Users also have the ability to remove the notation if they have made a mistake when clicking or have decided they were incorrect to say they've found their special someone.
  • If you find you've accidentally marked your personals ad as no longer seeking you can remove the "[No Longer Looking!]" just as easily as it was to originally mark it as such:
    1. Locate your personals ad on the forum.
    2. On the upper-right hand area of your ad click the small, blank white box again.
    3. Let your page automatically load. It will remove the notation and your message will appear as if it was never closed.
  • As a reminder, here are the steps and further information to initially mark your ad as closed:
    1. After posting your ad you will want to locate it on the forum.
    2. On the upper-right hand area of your ad should be a small, blank white box.
    3. Click on the small, blank white box once to add a notation of "[No Longer Looking!]" in a green font to alert readers to the closure of the search.
Here are the screen captures of the details for further help with visualization:
Closing-Ad-2.png (72 KiB) Viewed 648 times
Closing-Ad-1.png (64.93 KiB) Viewed 648 times

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