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By admin
Littlespace Online is not the same platform as DateCGL and Littlespace Online are still separate websites that are coded completely differently, have different rules to some degree, and may have different moderators assisting. This help section is only for the Littlespace Online community.

It's very important we track site issues separately and do not get issues mixed up on either platform. We need to work quickly on issues to find full resolution and a part of that is knowing what we're working on! So, please use the Contact Us form on the DateCGL site. It's located at the bottom of those pages of that website.

Posting here is not a form of escalation for DateCGL.

You will not be answered by the admin here for DateCGL issues.

- Admin.

P.S. DateCGL does have it's own Help section as well.

P.P.S. Just like Littlespace Online, DateCGL has it's own separate e-mail address for contacts that cannot be made through the site directly. It is .

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