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A lot of people have been curious about seeing an influx of banned accounts lately. Majority of these banned accounts display the banned avatar with the "under 18" note on it. I want to address why we are seeing those more frequently and how we handle reports of underage persons.

Question: Why are there so many banned "under 18" accounts lately?
  • It's been summer and teenagers on summer break have been bored. We always have an influx of bannings around school breaks.

    • A lot of middle and high schoolers are out of school and feeling bored. Our community site is playfully colored, not vulgar-and-in-your-face-hardcore-BDSM like some other adult sites, and generally pretty safe feeling. Some of those bored teenagers may also be dealing with hormonal fluctuations and are inclined to explore kink-connected communities to test those waters. Since our kink-connection doesn't feel too extreme in presentation then we are a target for those exploring persons.

      These same people are so driven to explore that they outright ignore registration agreements requiring them to be 18 years or older. They also use a list of personal excuses as to why they feel they should be exempt from the rules. We make no exceptions to the biological age requirement though. We are firm about our 18+ rule.
Question: Why don't you just remove these accounts instead of letting them be seen?
  • We display the under 18 avatar for your benefit in case you've connected with the person elsewhere. You matter to us and we don't want you to fall into legal troubles either. We care more about you than the community site appearing perfect.

    • Other sites may not show you the banned accounts like we do because they want to sweep the issue under the rug and present their community as not having these sorts of issues. Some sites may not even do anything to prevent these registrations and may be not be abiding by legalities. All adult sites have this battle and outright ignoring this issue is ultimately placing their owner, administrators, moderators, and members (you!) at legal risk. You are important to us.

      We alert you to possible issues by publicly displaying that the banned account was connected to a person under 18 because we care about you. We can't help it if other sites don't care what happens after two people take their chat privately but we do, and we act in a way that benefits you rather than making our appearance more flawless. What happens to our members, and future members, is important to us and we strive to keep the community as safe as we are able.

      We want members to be able to make the right sorts of decisions for themselves if they've connected with these banned persons through other means, externally from the site, so we display the avatar with the updated knowledge we've gained.
Question: Why don't you detail exactly why and how someone was banned?
  • We display the information you need to know and not more than that because you're not here to read about bans.

    • There is no reason for us to finely detail the exact way someone was found to be underage or otherwise banned. We don't want the community to focus on these incidents because they do not matter to our communication together. We display the basic avatar to note the ban and we leave it at that so that we all can move along and not dwell on any unhappiness that trails along with someone being banned.

      We aren't here to discuss people under the age of 18. We aren't here to discuss banned accounts. We would not want to encourage you to waste your time reading about such things. We're here to connect, share our knowledge, encourage and uplift each other, exchange ideas and tips, better develop ourselves, and just generally help one another.

      Please let the site administrator and moderators handle these situations. Members do not need to worry about why someone was banned, but only know that they have been banned for good reason in attempt to continue maintaining a safe-space for us all. Try to understand that you are being cared about enough to have potentially harmful persons removed on your behalf and regard for safety, and that we aren't simply out to get someone.
Question: Why are people being banned for supposedly being under 18 when they said in their profile they are 18?
  • People are not always honest, and many people looking to deceive are careless.

    • We have been banning underage accounts ever since our site launched. We've never intentionally accepted registration of a person under 18 but throughout time we have developed many methods and tools related to verifying a member's age.

      Some of these methods are manual review of information supplied, including birthdates and statements publicly made by the account registrant. I think everyone can agree that stating that you've, "...just turned 18..." in your profile and introduction but inputting a birthdate that says you're 14 or 107 is concerning. Our Terms of use agreement even says this:

      "If the birthdate entered during registration does not completely match with the biological age or birthdate stated in posts submitted by the same account then it will be permanently banned."

      In such incidences, we often ask the person to provide details on why they claimed to be one age but input a birthdate for an entirely different age. Most of these people do not respond or respond very aggressively (I've been told to go kill myself, they hope someone murders me, they hope I get cancer, they will expose my personal details and post them publicly, they will take down the site, and many more unpleasantries). Some of those people do admit that they've been caught and beg to have an exception made for them. We do not make exceptions to our biological age requirement.

      Recently, we had someone post an introduction saying they were 26, a personal ad saying they were 24, a registered birthdate saying they were 21, and an age-range on their profile saying they were 18-20. This was very concerning because we're suppose to be our true, honest selves here. So, we had to discuss that situation and figure out what was happening and why there was no consistency with the information they were providing.
Question: Do you ban people under the age of 18 because you hate them or believe that CGL is strictly adult relations or kink related?
  • We do not hate or dislike people under the age of 18, but we accept that some CGL connections are sexually driven.

    • We do understand that many people under the age of 18 may also feel little or care for a partner who is identifying as little. We are not discrediting these people, but we are saying that our community is not intended for those people due to adult themes we also recognize as valid and allow, such as connections to sexual scenarios. We want everyone to be safe and a part of that means enforcing an age requirement rule.

      Asking that a person wait until they are 18 is not that major of a requirement for the value we have within our special community.

      We do not believe that all Caregiver/little relationship dynamics or interactions are sexually driven or even involve sexual situations; however, we do recognize that some people are driven by sexual desires related to these dynamics and feel those are just as valid of members as nonsexual persons. We value all of our former, current, and future members equally regardless of these differences.
Question: Am I just instantly banned if someone reports me as being under 18 even though I'm not?
  • If you are reported for being underage we take in many factors, including the evidence provided along with the report. You are always given the capability to contact the admin directly about the situation.

    • When someone is reported for being under age 18 there are a number of factors we take into consideration. A part of that is the evidence or proof provided along with the report details.

      We often chat with the person being reported or follow up with them by e-mail so that we can clear up any misunderstandings going on. Ultimately though, if the reporter is sending a screen shot of the person outright saying they are under the age of 18 then there isn't anything else to immediately verify. If the reporter has solid evidence then we accept that as valid and do not waste time and put other member further at risk for communicating with the underage person.

      If there has been a misunderstanding and an incorrect ban has been issued then they are welcome to write to us at (no external contact methods allowed) and provide whatever information they care to share about their biological age and the misunderstanding that has occurred.
Question: What if something crazy happens and I am actually banned for being under 18 even though I'm not?
  • If there has been a misunderstanding you are welcome to write to the admin directly at (no external contact methods allowed).

    • When writing to me you should provide whatever information you care to share about you biological age and the report we received. You should be aware that aggressive, demanding, or degrading statements do not help the situation. I understand that it can feel like an uncomfortable, urgent situation but you should maintain a respectful attitude when contacting me.
      I also do not appreciate littlespeak about important subjects or gender-based flattery. It is important that I clearly understand what you have to say and that we do not get off-topic when discussing such important matters. Please don't feel like those things will encourage me to answer you faster.

[align=center]Have more general questions about age requirement bans?
Contact me so that I can publicly address them here too.[/align]

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