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By admin
We've gotten a large influx of usernames that are based around dating. Please know that you will not gain access to the site when you name yourself things that center around dating, even if that's all you intend to do in the community.

There is a good reason why the registration process denies many of these types of usernames. There is a good reason why it probably would have taken someone a good handful of tries to find a dating-based name that would be accepted in the system. We are not centered around dating and we don't expect you to be here strictly for finding a partner either.

We welcome singles and those looking for matches, but we also expect those persons to be interactive in the community as well. Part of respecting other members is not assuming everyone here is looking for a special someone. We aren't your singles local bar.

We send a warning message to each account that has an inappropriate name instead of approving the account for full feature access. That warning directs the user to contact us at (no external contact methods allowed) with a new, appropriate username to use in the community. This is a firm request, and we won't be making negotiations to use those usernames.

If you've gotten a message that your username is inappropriate then it's inappropriate. You will need to have your username changed by e-mailing us. If you don't want to change the username we have found to be inappropriate then you can still use the site but you will not be able to do things like chat, see user profiles, or post personal ads.

Here are some helpful tips when choosing your username:
  • We don't allow names to be strictly centered around dating. (Prohibited Example: DaddyDom4DesperateDarlings)
  • We don't allow sexual-natured words in usernames. (Prohibited Example: FatNFuckable)
  • We don't allow hate-speech or generally degrading terms in usernames. (Prohibited Example: HatingHumans)
  • We don't allow usernames to contain drug terms. (Prohibited Example: xCrackCocaineCutiex)
  • We don't allow usernames to center around murder, suicide, or self-harm. (Prohibited Example: StabMeTo_Death)
While our site is heavily populated with personal ads and strictly only adults we do have regulations that revolve around community respect. This is one reason why the word filter exists, why dating requests in the chat is not acceptable, and why certain words or phrasing is prohibited from usernames. It's also important to make a good first impression to outsiders looking in on our community so that they are interested in learning about and accepting us too!

Thank you.

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