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How to Turn OFF Word Censoring

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How to Turn OFF Word Censoring

Postby admin » 6 months ago

Step One:
On the upper right-hand corner of your browser screen (while on our Littlespace Online community website) click on your user icon ("avatar") to see a short drop-down menu. From the menu that appears, please select the User Control Panel option.

Step Two:
Once the User Control Panel loads locate the horizontal section that is labeled "board preferences" and click on it.

Step Three:
On the left column that loads select the "Edit display options" option.

Step Four:
Locate the "Enable word censoring" selection that is toggled to Yes and toggle it to the No selection.

Step Five:
Scroll down the page and click on the Submit button to save your changes.

Off Topic
Here is a selection of some of the currently censored words:
snailpoop, darn, firetruck, goshdarn, excited, adult art, special burst, relations.
 ! Message from: admin
Word-censoring has been turned on by default to encourage search engines, such as Google, to continue properly indexing parts of our adult community. No user is required or forced to use the word censoring that has been defaulted so please feel free to turn it off if you'd prefer.

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