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This is Not a Dating Site!

Postby admin » 1 year ago

Recently it seems like we've had quite an influx of members who have come to Littlespace Online solely for dating or match-making purposes. We're happy to help people find each other, but we're much more than our personals area. I feel like it's such a prominent point that I need to address some very key attributes about our community here.
  • Littlespace Online is not a dating site. It isn't specifically for twisty match-making. It doesn't only exist to help you find your soulmate, one-night-stand, or online lover. Our site was never intended to be the hook-up zone for any specific type of person or dynamic.
It isn't, and never will be, our goal to be specific to personals and I don't want it to appear as a dating site to any one.

Our personals section shouldn't be the sole reason you're here with us, but, rather, an additional tool to use within the community.
As many people have found out through trial and error, we don't approve accounts to full, registered member status (that includes the ability to chat, send and receive private messages, and view other users' profiles) if all you are doing is posting within the personals section. We're a community and we need to know you--not only that you're single and looking--and how you fit in with us as a community.

Also, if you can take the time to create your own personals ad then you should be well capable to create an introductions thread for yourself, at the very least. If you can't take the time to let us get to know you just a little outside you wanting to find a match then how are we suppose to feel like you're genuine and a true member of the community on more than just a potential one-time hook-up level?

The entire goal of the site is to help people connect in safe, platonic, and friendly ways so that they can feel accepted. It's a place where you go to let off some steam and be little, talk about being a Caregiver, get advice, give advice, or just share some idea you have without negative judgement. Primarily, developing a friendly community of acceptance is what we're after.

If you're here only to find a special someone then please be respectful to the community and, again, at least introduce yourself in a platonic, friendly manner to the rest of the group. We want you to find your special match, and we're so happy you're here to help in your journey for that person, but we also want this to be a friendly community where we have a general idea of who each other is and why we're here together. In short:
  • If you want to use the chat room, send and receive private messages, and/or check out other members' profiles then, at the very least, post a platonic, non-dating introduction of yourself on the forum.

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