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hello everybody!
my username is pumpkinsocks (i think it’s quite cute!) - i’m biologically an 18 year old girl, but tend to regress to 3-5 years old! i’m not entirely sure, i think maybe i sometimes feel a bit older - 7 max! i’m nervous to be so open about my regression, so i apologize if i don’t do everything right the first time - i’m completely open to learning and figuring my little self out!

i did not have a very good childhood and am unfortunately rather mentally ill (so sorry if that’s not appropriate to say - i never want to make anyone uncomfy!), i have always known there was a little inside me, as i often derealize and daydream and that can quickly turn into regression; only very recently have i wanted to embrace that and let myself feel calm and secure in my little space.

i really love my fuzzy cupcake blankie & my stuffed llama from build a bear that smells like lavender and wears the cutest cutest CUTEST lil dinosaur onesie. her name is esther and i love to hold her. i love soft things and pastels and clean environments. i love the smell of roses and lavender and freshly steeped chamomile dandelion root tea! tea always helps me calm down - just like chocolate milk! :sleep:

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