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By Deleted User 51324
hello everybody!
i'm called as little boo or boo for short. my biological age is 19, my age regression ranges from 4 to 7 years old. i like watching disney movies, binge waching on youtube especially if they're about food, and listening to indie music(usually i don't care about the artist. i'm a full time college on my 4th year going to internship studying a medical major.

i've found myself to be little about two years ago but i'm still new to it since i haven't really experience it knor be exposed to that kind of community. i had to hide it so i haven't had any friends that can relate to it about that (thankfully i have even before i posted this intro).

i love quiet places like beach, park, libraries. anywhere peaceful because i can't stand too much noise, like those chaos like crowds, i can't stand it if people shouts at me. oddly weird for many, but im not a fan of sweets and i like savory foods so much like grilled meat, pasta, and pizza. if i have all the stuff needed for gaming i'd probably be addicted to it, it's very interesting but i'm cool from watching it in yt. i love watching movies specifically disney, romance, fantasy, and action. probably my most favorite is harry potter. i never get tired of it. i'm nocturnal, i'm always having trouble sleeping especially if needed. i get easily distracted. i hate studying, i really do. i love rainy days, it calms me down. especially at night, im not really a fan of mornings. i avoid anything that attacks my peace of mind or anything that can trigger me. i can't stand it. i have a goal of improving my body but i lack motivation for it because lazing around in bed is more favorable for me. i'd love to go back in learning how to be a better dancer and learn instruments like drums, piano, and guitar. that'd be cool.

that's all, bye bye. :yay: :heart:

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