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My name is IrishGer but you can call me Ger. I am a 32 year old dude from Dublin Ireland, currently living in County Offaly in Ireland. I work in sales and have a bachelors in business studies and want to move into operations. I like to watch movies, play games and I am a fabulous Unicorn to boot! I have a broad sense of humor and my personality changes depending on who I am hanging around with, I think this comes from working in sales where you need to make connections with people supper quick. One thing that stays the same regardless who I am around is that I am super chill and caring. I proposed to my partner last summer in New York and she said yes :)

That was tough talking about responsible me, so what brings me here is I always identified as an AB even when I didn't know what it was, some of my earliest memories are trying to get back into nappies. When I was 15 i found the internet and that I wasn't alone, however it was all about adult things so I thought for the longest time that me being an AB had to be about adult things and I guess that was natural at the time as all the icky hormones jumping about my body made it that way. But as I grew up a little I found out that while I had those feelings the more good feelings came from the non adult things, the feeling of security, the snuggles, the cuteness and silliness.

I started hearing about going into little space and and all this non adult things of age play so I have tried it out. I am still trying to figure out what I am as I don't think I am a baby as I don't mentally regress that much. I think in general terms I am a teenager but sometimes like at the moment rarely has this happened but I have gotten into a sort of little kid mind frame once or twice which was fun, although once was with my boss at the time. We were fixing a display table and we were both on our backs trying to get it to work and it was a very boring day so I started to be sill and pointing at all the different things and asking what they were and she was very nice and patient and told me what everything was, then we started laughing.

Anyway the reason I am here is to talk to nice people and try and figure our who I am, other than being a Fabulous Unicorn!

Well I don't know what else to write so bye bye everyone and love you all

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