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By KiaKat
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Hiya! My name is Kia! I am 24. I'm a little and my favorite color is purple :pheart: and my best friend is my stuffie, Sammy! He's a squirrel! Other than that, I live in the Wyoming, the mythical place between Colorado and Montana. I'm a big time gamer, spending most of my time on Final Fantasy XIV and various other games on Xbox and Playstation. Star Wars will always be my first love but Halo is a close second! I'm also a fan of table top gaming such as Warhammer, Warmachine and various board games. Board games are fun! :pheart: I play some Magic The Gathering but I'm really bad at it :tears: I do a lot of reading, mostly Star Wars or Halo extended universe stuff! Haha! I'm looking forward to meeting other littles and people in the community! :pheart: :pheart: :pheart:

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