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By Deleted User 51204
My name is littlebuddyabc. I am a 26 year old female little who's age regression age is from the 4 to 8 range, and I am there most of the time, and I live in Lincolnton, North Carolina. I REALLY love stuffed animals, :stuffie: and real animals too. I also love music, :shuff: playing it, dancing to it, and listening to it. Especially Raffi and The (original) Wiggles. I also love to play pretend, build blocks, do art, and swing. Also, I love to help out people and animals, because I love everyone. :hugs: I also love to clean and organize things, as I have OCD. Plus, I love to watch cartoons, mainly preschool cartoons, and write Fanfiction about The Wild Thornberrys. Finally, these are the most important things to know about me. I am a vegetarian, :heart: Christian, :angel: and environmentalist :yay: who has seizures and vision problems.

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