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Where to start? Well, I dubbed myself "Smore Kisses" in reference to an instance where my Daddy Dom kissed me despite both our mouths being coated with gooey chocolate and melted marshmallow. :splode: Needless to say, it made an impression on me with its cuteness, and its weirdness. You can expect more cuteness and/or weirdness from me. Mostly weirdness.

I consider myself a Little based on my innate chidlike tendencies, my penchant for collecting anything cute and girly (especially stuffed animals with sparkly irises and dilated pupils, or anything that features unicorns and mermaids), and my natural affinity to regress to a more youthful and innocent headspace.

I should also note that I am uncomfortable with any sexual themes encroaching upon my Little Space--in case anyone thought of roleplay spanking me or something similar. :sadno:

Let's break down the basics, shall we? I'm a petite brunette from southwestern Ohio. I'm in a real-life Dd/lg relationship with a wonderful man. Additionally, I am old enough to drink alcohol--with a sippy cup instead of a bottle.

I hope I can meet some new friends here. I'm admittedly shy, but I can be playful, sarcastic and intellectual when I'm finally comfortable with someone.

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