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By LilMissMonarch23
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Hello I am Lilmissmonarch23 and I love to color flower adult coloring books and watching funny cartoons such as The Venture Brothers, Adventure Time, Sailor Moon, etc. DD Always lets me watch a cartoon before my bedtime so I have Sweet dreams. I love to enjoy the sunshine and to splash in the pool in the hot months. I write short stories and enjoy being a dreamer and lazing about in fantasy land. I am a little who needs lots of structure so paper crafting calender's and scrapbooks are one of my main hobbies. I also love photography and organization and they play a big part of other roles in my life. I love to laugh and be silly with DD and we have so much fun singing songs together and letting me help in the kitchen. I have a serious sweet tooth so DD love to make me pies for being in the "Good eaters Club". I don't like that DD always tells me to eat my vegetables tho lol. I love Giraffes and Lamas So when DD finds a soft stuffie he always brings it home to see me smile. I love being a little and I love my Daddy!

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