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By Deleted User 50869
Hello my name is Sarah

And Im a PROUD AB Girl / Little / Little Schoolgirl. & As i also ) & a PROUD female Sissy : AB girl/ Little Girl, Little schoolgirl. :heart:

I have been in too this cind of lifestyle & embraced it with all my heart and soul now since many years now and i absolutely LOVE it :pacy:

As for more info about me ? Well im on permanent seek relief /sick pension due to a few NPD diagnosis (viable in my profile )

Well my interests are of course as i mentioned above . I LOVE animals & my my dear pets. A snow white cat, and my white and one Beige Chinchillas . I LOVE everything pink and Ultra girly, And i LOVE all my plushies incl my dear pink Teddy Mr Snuggles that sleeps with me every night and dollies, I LOVE coloring in my pretty coloring books with my pretty crayons with my pacifier in my mouth , I also LOVE drinking my formula and other appropriate NON alcoholic beverages from my very own sippy cups and baby drinking bottles while watching my children's cartoons on Tv . And of course to meet and interact with others like my self on forums like this :pacy: And im honerd to be respected member in more then a few Similar Forums as well.

I live in South of Sweden

Happy to have found this place and i hope that i will in time be a respected member in here and contribute as best i can :pacy: :hi:

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