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By Deleted User 50252
Hello :) I actually wrote this before and now I have to rewrite it because it did not show up. So I will try again.

My name is Mads I am 30

I am not sure if I fit here but this is where lots of searching google helped me come.

I am a special needs adult. I live in a care program. I live a sexual free life (I have never had any sexual feelings ever) I have never even seen another person naked in real life. Its a bit weird for lots of people.

I love animals toys and children's shows a lot. My favorite is Sesame Street :)

I was very abused growing up, and I never had a normal education so I am still catching up with things.

I am not a normal adult and it makes it so hard to fit into anywhere. Google helped me find here :) Which kind of came off as a place where people don't have to be normal adults :) So I signed up and I have been looking at all the resource thingys.

If I am in the wrong place please let me know I have NO IDEA about roleplay or even how. But I have liked reading things so far here.

Hope its okay I am here and if not please let me know :)

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