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By RainbowLily
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Hi! I am a 21 year old little/lg/pet (cub/kitten). You can call me Rainbow or Lily. I am female, and I am happily taken by my MD who I usually call Teddy or Daddy even though she is also female. I love playing crane machines at the arcade to try to win more stuffies, watching cartoons on Netflix (like Super Monsters!), and baking/cooking with Teddy/Daddy. My littleage ranges from about 4-10 years old. I am typically around 4-6 with my behaviors, but I can have days where I feel older and more independent. I live in Southern U.S., and I go to college full-time! I am graduating this Spring, and I cannot wait because then I am moving with Teddy to a new place, and we will live together! I have been into BDSM/kink/cgl for about two years now, I think, and I am still learning new stuff, so feel free to let me know if I make any mistakes, etc. :heart: :hi: :yay:

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