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Hey everyone! I'm LCB AKA: LittleCareBear.

I have been around the ABDL crowd way before all the new terms that fly around now! Like little and middle and big! Seen many changes and have learned much over the years what to do and what not to!

I guess I would be considered a little! Or an AB!

I pretty much live 24/7 as a Little with my Big I married years ago. I live a CGL life style daily I enjoy. It helps coop with Medical things in life I can't avoid.

I own a shop that makes parts for kids and veterians that need help repairing a assistance device to live a normal life that would normally be on a waiting list for months or years on end.

I found this place a few days ago and really like how it was setup and such. Still kind of dipping my toes in the water to see how this place works! I have been all over the world and seen many great and horrible things over the years with the abdl community. I could only hope the bad things I saw help other not make mistakes I seen in the past or myself have made! I enjoy meeting and talking to new people!

I guess this is the part I say hi! And hope you enjoy talking with me too!
PS I just drank 3 cups of coffee with tons of sugar! In a bottle of course!

:craze: :craze: :craze: Bouncy Time! :craze: :craze: :craze:

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