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By Cutepieces
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My name is cutepieces and I live in the Midwest. I am 5’5 and weigh 135 pounds. I am a college student working on a double Doctorate. The first one is in Public Safety with a concentration in Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis and my second one is in Public Safety with a concentration in Criminal Justice. I do all my studies online except for my seminars which require me to travel. I enjoy reading and researching just about anything that will give me knowledge. I work full-time in the Criminal Justice Field, I also work as a Home Health Care provider, and run a full-time daycare.
I love to research things to find evidence to support a theory. Reading is a passion of mine although most of my reading is my college books. Most would say that is boring but to me, it is interesting because I am learning while reading. I also like to read children’s books. Green Eggs and Ham Sam I am.
I learned that I am a little after being a submissive for years. I love to cuddle with my body length pillow and my Minnie Mouse blankie. I take my pillow and blankie suck my thumb and fall fast asleep as you would in Mommy’s arms or lap. In privacy, I have worn diapers, sucked a pacifier and drank from a bottle.

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