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By Keiki
Hi hi, I go by Keiki, or Kei. I'll be 21 in a couple months, but my littlespace age ranges between 5 and 12. It's kinda funny because I don't look like my biological age, a lot of people say I look like I'm around 15-17. I tend to be a little, but I can be a caregiver too depending on the situation.
I love reading (Tamora Pierce is my favorite author), making art, and playing RPGs. I'm about to finish my associate's degree and then transfer into a graphic design program. I want to work on concept art for games or movies as a job, and I also want to make ceramics/pottery. I live in the Eastern portion of the USA.
People tend to make me nervous so I'm a bit shy, but I'm pretty open to talk about most things.

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