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By NyappyBabyKitty
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Hewwwo, I'm a little girl from Germany. ~
I'm 19 years old and a little/kitten. It's not easy to find other little friends or daddys/mommys/ in germany... The people here r very strange... That's why I try to find my luck on this page...
Uhmm things about me.... I love coloring, singing, gaming, listen to music, netflix, manga, cosplay, warhammer, cuddling with my beloved stuffies and Daddy♥,... Yeh, I'm a very needy little one....
I'm always scared of losing the one I love... And I'm definitly NOT easy...
But.. I love to share my love... And I have very much love to give tbh...
I just want to find some friends ♥ :heart:

yay! That's my very boring introduction. *hugs to all of chu* :remind: :pacy: :ninni:

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