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By Chiyo
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Hewwo! I go by Chiyo and sometimes Chiawoo. I'm a 31 year old guy but sometimes I feel little. I've never really considered myself a little until I looked into it and now I realize that it kinda matches who I am. I like plushies (I'm not used to saying stuffies), cartoons, coloring (tho I don't really do it much), soft and cuddly things and soft colors like pastels, and cute things, which brings me to the other thing about me. I also like cute and feminine things. I identify as a boy... well, for the most part, but I like to crossdress sometimes, paint my nails when I feel like it, and I have some toys like My Little Ponies and dolls. I also love Sanrio, especially Little Twin Stars. They are so cute and I love the soft, dreamy aesthetic. Another thing besides being little and feminine is that I'm also a furry. I mostly like cats and wolves and I feel like them sometimes. I have a collar, leash, white ears, a fully wired white wolf tail that clips onto my belt and a smaller white tail that is more like a keychain but I wear as a tail too. Besides all that stuff, I also like playing video games with friends online. I like casual games like Minecraft and Roblox, but some RPGs like Tera too. I came here because I recently became more open about all this stuff and I want to talk with others about the same things.

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