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By TempestBreyze
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My username is TempestBreyze but I'll also answer to Tempest or Breyze or Breezie. I'm 40-ish years old and only recently accepting and beginning to understand being a little girl. I bought my first binkie about 3 months ago. Yesterday I bought a new stuffie puppy named Joey. I have 3 special cuddle blankets, one that I absolutely cannot sleep without. My favorite little activities are snuggling, watching TV/movies, and coloring. My little age seems to have various stages or ranges. So far I've identified ...

17-18 years old - Not a child anymore but not quite adult. I'm cheeky little Miss Independent who knows everything.

7-10 years old - Too old for toys but love board and video games, adult coloring books, markers, colored pencils, TV and movies, music and dancing -- and SNUGGLES!

3-5 years old - Generally occurs when tired or stressed. I become very clingy, grumpy, demanding. This is when I will reach for binkie, blanket, stuffie. I withdraw and I often become non-verbal and point, nod, shake head, wine, growl.

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