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Hello my name is Tyler, I'm a little and I am 27- turning 28 on November 6th 2018. I'm new to this coming out as a little but Ive been going to little space to help with my Mental illness for a while now. I have been diagnosed Bi-polar II, Anxiety, ADHD.
I have my stuffed Panda Bear (My Favorite) and my favorite shows are We Bare Bears and The Amazing World of Gumball. I haven't identified as an age but i like to baby talk when in little space, I am submissive, i love my Panda bear named "Domo" and i love my candy and Popsicles. I don't dress up nor wear diapers. I haven't seen many guys my age identify as a little but hopefully a bigger Bearded guy turning 28 will be accepted here... and maybe find out more information on CG's and what it means to you to be little. what it means to me is being safe, having too much going on in my adult life/ in my brain that i need a break from responsibility. i had an online friend who was a little, a chick older than me help me with learning more about being little. helped me by telling me what to do so i can just relax/ get out of my mind but we lost touch. this isn't a me searching for a Mommy Dom or anything like that But a couple friends might be nice. someone who understands what its like to need to get out of your mind, kind of get out of your body for a while to just relax to let go. Message me lets talk lets see if we click, lets see if we can be friends. So this is me now what about you tell me about yourself. hope you are having a good day/night.

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