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By littlebluedragon
Hi everyone! :hi:

I'm quite new to this community, I always liked doing little things, but only recently found out what name to give it. My little age is about 4-8, but in real life I am 19. I like to go to the zoo and spend time in toy stores with my D. I also love cartoons from the 90's and 00's, it's so sad they're not actually on tv anymore :sadno: Recently my D bought me a stuffy alpaca and I cuddle with him every day. Also I love mythical creatures like dragons, which is the reason for my username (and my fave colour is blue).
I left college last year because the school I went to really sucked, so now I'm working and I hope I find a good school to go to next year.
Last but not least; I like cuddles and making animal sounds, idk why :craze:

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