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First a little about me. I am male, I am 37, and I have hide my whole life from what i feel.
I never really understood why relationships never worked for me and why I was just generally never comfortable around people. I suffer from bad depression and anxiety, so I can be a handful at times. Just recently about 3 weeks ago I met someone who is a DDLG. For the first time I felt like someone actually understood me and she tried to explain how this all works to me. She told me to look into MDLB/CGL forums. I have never been called so many different things in my life. I finally felt normal but that ended pretty quick.I guess I am hoping this would be different here, but I'm still all so very new to this. I love cuddles, and times with a mommy. I'm a fun loving overly positive pillow fort lover. Aside from all of that I am not sure what to look for or even ask? Please feel free to give me advice, and ask questions.
I do love talking with everyone!

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