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By JVoice24
Hey guys!

My name is Jeremy, but you can call me J. I'm an 18 year old college student majoring in professional writing. I love music. I play the guitar, sing, and write songs. My favorite genre is folk/bluegrass. I really enjoy playing adaptive sports like sled hockey and handcycling.


I also want to get involved in wheelchair rugby.

I'm a little. I regress to around age 4-6 years old. Little space is something I only let myself get into alone or with one specific friend in whom I have an incredible amount of trust (though she isn't my caregiver), because it's a very vulnerable thing for me. I hope that in time, I'll be able to feel safe enough in little space to find a caregiver. When I'm in little space, I enjoy soft things like my favorite blanket and my teddy bear Theo, Disney and Pixar movies, coloring, cuddles, and snacks like apple juice and animal crackers. In fact, the fastest way to get me into little space is to get me talking about animal crackers.

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