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haiiiiiiii, Im chubby kitten ^____^

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haiiiiiiii, Im chubby kitten ^____^

Postby chubby_vamp_kitty » 3 months ago

Hello, I'm Kitten and I'm new! I'm 30, 5'3 and am a big nerdy wild little! I love to play and make video games, build computers and I'm also an artist that loves to sew and crochet sometimes! I like music too and play a few instruments and sing. I love plushies and only like gloomy or cute an spooky related ones! Im not as into pink as most littles, I prefer black most of the time. I've been a part of the community for almost 10 years and counting and it is nice and fun for me most of the time. The only time it can be saddening for me is if I'm dating a vanilla or non-curious personality (sooooooo boring). I hope to make friends and learn about other types of littles and styles of DD-hood as I have always had my former DD (8.5 years) as the only reference. It's actually pretty funny that if it werent for tumblr I would have never known this kink had a name or even what kind of little I was or even found this forum! Im a bratty but cuddly and loving little one and am quite shy for such an extreme extrovert. I love to watch scary movies and anime and like to laugh and make jokes with people but also like my solitude, staying in bed and one on one interactions!

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