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Here are some terms and acronyms that you may see used frequently on our site:

DD - Daddy Dominant
MD - Mommy Domme
CG - Caregiver (non-gender specific)
LG - Little girl
BG - Baby girl
LB - Little boy
BB - Baby boy
LO - Little One (non-gender specific)
AB - Adult Baby (non-gender specific)
DL - Diaper Lover (non-gender specific)
ABDL - Adult Baby and/or Diaper Lover (non-gender specific)
CGL - Caregiver and little (non-gender specific)
CGLO - Caregiver and little one (non-gender specific)
CGLre - Caregiver and little one; strictly nonsexual age regression (non-gender specific)
DDlg - Daddy Dom and little girl
DDlb - Daddy Dom and little boy
MDlg - Mommy Domme and little girl
MDlb - Mommy Domme and little boy
Ddbg - Daddy Dom and baby girl
Ddbb - Daddy Dom and baby boy
Mdbg - Mommy Domme and baby girl
Mdbb - Mommy Domme and baby boy

Transage - A person who feels they transition between their biological age and mental age. Their mental age is typically more defined or specific, and the person may choose to exhibit their mental age qualities openly. Some transage people have chosen to live fully as their mental age.

Agefluid - A person who identifies as fluctuating in mental age. They may be more within an age-range or multiple age-ranges versus a set age they typically fall into.

Switch - Takes on the role as a Caregiver sometimes and a little sometimes.

BDSM - restraints & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism

D/s - Dominance and submission or Dominant and submissive

Ageplay - Roleplaying as an age the user is not biologically.

Aftercare - Physical and/or verbal comfort extended to participants after a sexually heated scene has been played out to help reassure acceptance and care. Aftercare is typically something the more dominant partner(s) provide to the more submissive partner(s), but even some dominant persons also have value in receiving aftercare.

Little Age - Also known as littlespace age, regression age, and play age. Read more about different types of littles.

Everyone is biologically unrelated and of legal consenting adult age of 18 or older.

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