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By Mandyb
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Holy crap! I forgot to introduce myself and it's been a week🤦‍♀️.

Ok so my name is Amanda but you can call me Mandy if you like. I'm new to this and just trying to figure it all out. My bio age is 27 and my middle age is I would say 10-17 just depends on the day and how my mood is. I have noticed I regress younger the brattier I feel that day. That being said I'm shy when I first meet people online or face to face but when I start getting to know you and relaxing you will find I have a very bratty personality. Sometimes I can go to far but never with malicious intent. Not everyone likes my humor or me really I can be a lot to take in. That is totally fine but if I do hurt your feelings with something I said please let me know. What I think isn't hurtful someone else can think otherwise. I try to stick to the golden rule as much as possible. I believe no matter how old you get the rule should always be number one.

Wow that was longer than I intended but oh well lol. I look forward to meeting new people and getting to know everyone and make new friends :)

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