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Hi ! My name is Allie
I'm 18 years of age, I'm just starting university and I'm from England !
Glitter may be deemed the herpes of craft but I love it, provided it's biodegradable and eco-friendly.
I love dinosaurs. I think my favourite is diplodocus- right now there's a skeleton of one touring around the UK and it's really cool.
I'm super crafty and love handsewing things from felt, painting and I've just started drawing electronically because of my new laptop.
I have a wonderful Daddy and I love spending time with him, and my other close friends. I think I like going to the cinema but it's a bit pricy for a student.
My favourite films include ; Girl, Interrupted, Gone Girl, The sound of my voice, Black KKKlansman and Silence of the Lambs.
My guilty pleasure is reading trashy magazines and corny soaps like eastenders.
I could eat raw cookie dough all day even if I don't condone it.
I own like 12 tartan skirts in varying length.
Sometimes I have to fight my way into bed due to all the stuffies and pillows, especially those glittery mermaid ones you scratch and the colour changes.
I have a weird passion for late 80s early 90s clothes and hunt through charity shops to cop a few pieces.
I'm good at baking and cooking, and can be really extroverted sometimes. I think I'm a people person !
I have 18 plants on my windowsill and look after them religiously, looking up at them every morning makes me so happy, that something is growing and living. They're all cacti and succulents -so easy to take care of, but I love them regardless of their difficult to maintain (none )
I think I'm pretty nice so please say Hi <3

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