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By Peon
Yes me too. a long time sufferer of chronic health problems. it is nice to not feel like i am the only one. getting the balance can be hard sometimes it'll be nice to find a Daddy one day who understands that it doesn't stop me loving someone deeply :hi:
Ooh mee!
I've got a degenerative condition. I don't have a diagnosis yet so I get to do lots of fun things like have lots of blood work done and mri's and stuff, boo :/. I'm having a sleep study done soonish, if anyone has had one I'm really interested in hearing your experience because I'm super nervous about it.
I have chronic pain issues and learning disabilities. I have many problems. They are endometriosis and jaw issues from botched surgery and fibromyalgia and other stuff. Not sure if these things will make me be too much work for a possible daddy but I hope not.

I'm not a spoonie due to illness. My lack of energy is more dependent on social demands. I am autistic and although I am pretty good at pretending to be just like everyone else it gets really exhausting trying to keep a facade of normalcy. It can sometimes take me days to get over social exhaustion and I am actually trying regression techniques in Cg/l to deal with it. I also have chronic depression which can dramatically limit the amount of spoons I have available.

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