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MPD(multiple personality disorder). He has been my master for 6 months now and I never told him I had MPD. I feel like I should, that I need to. But I love him and I dont want to lose him. How do you tell the person you love the most you are crazy....
Its best to tell him sooner rather than pay higher consequences by putting it off. Its something he needs to know as your long term partner. And supply him with reading materials explaining it so that he doesn't have misconceptions about what you go through. Its hard, and you may feel insecure but its the right responsible thing to do. You two have been together 6 months already so working with this hasn't been that huge of a problem so far im guessing? Telling him could only help you. And if he does leave it wasn't meant to be, and you'll likely find someone even better even if you don't want to believe that at first. I had major PTSD so trust me. Your mental issues aren't a problem with the right person, so long as you're also doing all you can to take care of yourself as well.
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