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... Yeah. It's sad. I don't really want to get into so publicly.

I just don't wanna go into a depressive spiral and feel super... down. I also don't want to fall for traps and being super desperate to other people in this forum.

Also should I... idk... put up an ad? I never had before and idk where to get the format.

Thanks for hearing me out, also feel free to kik me @ (no external contact methods allowed) :stuffie:
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put up an ad for what?

if you mean for a partner, after a breakup you need to be focusing on yourself, getting back into your hobbies, reaffirming that you cope well on your own and having a partner is a bonus on top of that and something you have because you enjoy it, not *need* it. looking for a new partner to replace that void is just toxic to yourself and band-aiding the issue.

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