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By angelxxeyes
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Okie hallo, this is kind of a really random, possibly weird question. I dunno. But, I have this habit of biting and picking at my fingernails/cuticles and it's getting to the point where I have band-aids on like, six of my fingers because it literally hurts if anything touches my fingertips. My nails never manage to get very long, and it's just....well, it's getting a lil ridiculous. I've tried painting my nails to somehow try and remind myself to stop, and I'm almost always fiddling with something. But it's a fairly subconscious thing, so neither of those things seem to help.

Any ideas?

This is so random, oh my lordy, heh. Sowwy if this is the wrong topic, I wasn't sure exactly where to put this.

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By LostLight
a lot of time's this habit is caused by stress or other thing related to but like any habit u have to take control if you want to stop best way is every time you catch your self doing it pinch or some form of pain peeper on fingers ex.. you will slowly stop it will take a wile but this is the best way i have found. Ps there might be better way this is just the best way i have found

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Oooooooh yeah, I definitely definitely think it's probably a stress related thing. Okie, I'll try that for sure, I haven't done that yet at all. That's a good idea. I think it'll probably be kinda hard to actually catch myself doing it, at least for the first little bit, because usually I think I'm kinda spacey when I'm doing it. But when I do, I'll try the pinching thing for sure. Thank you for your suggestion :)

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