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By rleqh99
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Hi there everyone!
I was thinking to myself "we need a place where we can vent our anger and maybe ask others for help with these problems that cause you that anger or stress or just anything that might make you even a tiny bit upset".
Then I thought to myself "why not make that place myself"?
So why don't we start replying to this to help vent our fussiness and hopefully find help along the way!
I'll start us off!
Whenever I wake up I am usually tired afterwards and end up sleeping till like 1-4pm almost everyday no matter what time I go to bed and while I like sleeping, I HATE not feeling focused when I need to be! Here's my question (if you want to answer), is there a way to fix this and do others feel this way sometimes?
You don't have to answer the question if you don't want to but please share the things that make you upset and maybe we can help and if you want to answer my question and vent your anger plus asking your own question(s) afterwards about fixing your anger inducing issue(s) then that would be great!
Hopefully this can be an open ended and continues post but if not then that's okay!
~sincerely your friendly neighborhood baby boy
rleqh99 or Jordan

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