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Too little for my body

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Too little for my body

Postby Daddybearsonly » 3 months ago

Lately I've been feeling littler and littler than usual. It's definitely causing conflicting feelings. My body feels too big a lot of the time.

It's causing anxiety and depression, too.

Has anyone else felt this way before?
Does anyone have any self care suggestions?

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Re: Too little for my body

Postby EmeraldRegice » 2 months ago

I can kind of understand where you are coming from. I would say to help that feeling is to get more involved in the hobbies you have. It sounds like you need to be able to create a littlespace for youself if you haven't done so yet. Now if you are overweight "big", well you can do various things to resolve that, but the most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin and with who you are.

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Re: Too little for my body

Postby Alpha_baby_swItch » 2 months ago

For me it's different... I don't feel "too little" for my body per se, but I can sort of relate in terms of dysphoria. Mine is a bit different, coz it's more about being gender fluid and nonbinary and in a body that was assigned female at birth, but I can relate to an experience of looking in the mirror or looking down and being like, whoa... who even is this, how is this even my body. And it has at times made me feel very depressed and anxious as well.

Honestly, I just try to practice a lot of self love. I am not very good at even knowing what that is, so I do a lot of things to try to learn. Because I didn't really have parents who had any clue what they were doing, I read "re-parenting" stuff, or even just parenting materials, and then try to apply it to my self. I talk out loud to my inner child / children - I don't even care if people think I'm crazy, I've been through way too much to care what they think of my self care. I try to learn to trust the trust worthy. Honestly for myself I work a variety of 12 step programs and it helps me learn to love my self. And when all else fails, I work out. I used to hate working out and now I love it. It is my go-to alternative for self harm.

Sometimes I hug a stuffie or 6 and cry.

Sometimes I sit on the bottom of the shower and rock and imagine it's my Sky Bear Mama giving me a hug.

Sometimes I ask my best friend for a hug. (I'm lucky to have one of those).

These are some things I do.

It can be very hard at times.

I know our details differ, but maybe some of our experience will resonate. Anyway, dysphoria of any kind can really suck, in my experience, and I hope that today was an ok day for you at least.

take care

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