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A Little Pick Me Up - Share Smiles

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A Little Pick Me Up - Share Smiles

Postby Miss » 4 months ago

I'm struggling lately with both physical health issues and now depression (caused by aforementioned health issues) again. I'm feeling low (very low) and I could really, really use a smile. I was wondering if anyone could just share something that makes them smile. Maybe it'd be nice to have a collection here of "make you smile" posts for when somebody in the community is feeling low.

Stories, jokes, pictures, videos, supportive statements...anything?

:hugs: Thank you to anyone who shares their smile.

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Re: A Little Pick Me Up - Share Smiles

Postby Evelusive » 4 months ago

Was did 1 lizard sae to th othr???

*pokes tongue out* ---------------------------------works better irl
"They don't know nothing about redemption, they don't know nothing about recovery, some people just aren't the type for marriage and family"

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