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Am I weak? Why do I feel weak?

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Am I weak? Why do I feel weak?

Postby CanuckSwitch » 4 months ago

A few days ago,

I went to see a school counsellor. This is the first time I ever did this.

I recognized and realized that I never thought that my internal demons would take the best of me. Like many men, I thought that I could solve them on my own. I have struggled with confidence and self-esteem issues for all my life, but never sought to ask someone why I had these issues or developed these problems.

Am I weak for going to see professional help? Why do I feel like this? Is it wrong to ask someone for help? Why can't I not do this alone?

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PeppermintBatty supporty
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Re: Am I weak? Why do I feel weak?

Postby PeppermintBatty supporty » 4 months ago

You are not weak for going to see a doc. Society just often makes you feel that way because people are stupid and have a fear of psychological disorders and psychoses. People often feel second rate for going to see someone about psychological disorders because they have an irrational feeling of self sufficiency. Many men, myself included, feel that to ask for help is wrong. You know, just like how men used to "never stop for directions" before the age of GPS. It's the same concept, just more intense because it's so private, so painful, and looked down on by society. People with mental infirmities are considered handicapped and nobody wants to feel broken.

You have to see a doctor like a tool. A doctor is literally just like a plumber, except you go to them. You tell them what's wrong with your head's plumbing and they prescribe something to fix it. And what they prescribe? That doesn't make you weak either. Think of pills like you would think of a pair of glasses. People over the age of ten would never see someone wearing glasses and think they're weak because of it. You should feel the same way because pills typically just help clarify your mind, just like a pair of glasses would.

I don't care how self sufficient you would like to be. There is absolutely nothing wrong with calling in professional help when you have a legitimate problem. If your toilet was leaking all over the place, you wouldn't think twice about calling someone to fix it. Neither should you when your brain is leaking neurotransmitters.

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