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By CindyLou
So I had to adult Saturday and go see my therapist, which is always very rough on me. So afterwards daddy took me out for snow cones and then to build a bear where I got 2! I got Squirtle and the Beast! This little girl is a happy camper!!

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By Birdi
I love Build-A-Bear so much!!! It is like a magical place that is so much fun! I am so glad for Build-A-Bear! And I'm really glad that the store understands that sometimes people who are adults want to make plush toys too!!

I am so glad your daddy did something so nice for you after a hard day! That is such a nice thing for him to do! :D

Last time I went to Build-A-Bear they didn't have any beasts! He looks so soft and snuggly! I hope you give them both a big hug for me and take good care of your new friends! Thank you for sharing your good day, that makes me happy to hear about!

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