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By LittleBot
So I like to make lots of stuffs with crafts and play with my toys when I get board ::3: But when playing with my stuffie earlier it reminded me of something I've always wanted. Something thats always made me kinda sad is there are no pacis for stuffies! Dollies and Babies have Pacis but not stuffies? :-?: I haven't see any pacis online for stuffies either when I looked around. So when I was board and playing earlier today I had an idea and tried to make some. So I thought I'd share it and see what other people thought? Idk, have you guys wanted a paci for your stuffie too? I wanted to know everyones opinion on this too ^_^

These two pics are of the first one I made as a 'test' that I put on my pillow pet RoadKill (Very long story on how this guy got his name lol)

Look Fat Cat and I have matching Pacis and Paci Clips!! :stuffie:

Here's a close up of Fat Cat's paci and paci clip :paci:

And a close up of my paci and paci clip next to him

Anyways let me know what you think guys I wanna know :craze:

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