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Hey Y'all I wanted to show these adorable little juices that I sell at work. It's just a little bottle of juice that comes with a small toy.

It's a cute idea. However they are $3.20 a pop so they would definitely be a rare treat with how much juice I drink, and I don't know how others feel but I'm super picky about my juice, but I can say with confidence this was some of the worst apple juice I've ever tasted. So that made me a bit upset.


I did get Rainbow Dash so that makes me happy! And the bottle itself was nice, so I ended up dumping the bad juice and using it for good juice.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day. :heart:

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I would absolutely love to try this juice c: What is the brand name? I am not very picky about my juice so I think it would be just fine for me, especially with the super cute toy that comes with it! My favorite juice is orange-pineapple, so I was wondering what flavors those come in. Thanks for sharing! c:

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