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Ooh nice! Reece's are a good pick :P they're my favourite! The sippy cup looks really great. I want a sippy but for some reason I'm scared to buy one. Yours is so pretty though and it's my favourite colour which makes it even better!
What's the princess thing you got? It kinda looks like a deck of cards?

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I love reeses or really any candy!! 😄 and I love my sippy cup. Its my first one and I didn't want anything with a real mouthpiece so this one is really great because it's pretty much a regular cup with a spill proof lid. So you can still kind of be big and have your own cup, but knock it over as much as you want :D and it's my favorite color too!!! And thank you! As far as the princess box, yes it's a deck of cards! :) I got all of this particular stuff at Walmart but the dollar store is also a great option and I've ordered a few toy sets off of Wish that I'm waiting to come in that liked fun and were only a few dollars :) also its really great to use your birthday as a reason to do this trip. Every little should learn how to treat themselves as much as they want their Big/Daddy too! I was going on a trip by myself and I used this as a reason to try to get comfortable by myself as a Little and it did wonders! !

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