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[/list][*]Name: Yenjun or Nixon
[*]Location: Chicago, Illinois
[*]Biological Age: 19 years old
Regression Age: 3-6

[*]How do you identify yourself?: I identify as a bisexual little boy.

[*]What are some important things to know about you?: I am a very outgoing pwerson, my goal in life is to make people laugh. I can speak Korean, English, Thai, and Spanish. I love bubbles so so so much. I was adopted by my grandparents when I was 13. I love reading and writing. I'm also a music junkie.

[*]How long have you been involved in the community?: I've been into Cg/L for about a year an a half.

[*]What type of friends are you looking to find?: Anyone who's fun and likes to laugh as well. I wuv all different kinds of people so I'm always open to new personalities.

[*]Are you open to long-distance friendships or only local?: I'm open to both actually.

[*]What are some things you want to do with friends?: Talk about music, talk on the phone, watch movies, color, tell jokes, go to the park if they live close by, and share things that we like with each other.

[*]What are 3 movies you enjoy?: My number one favorite is The Little Mermaid. Next, Fashion Kings, It's a Korean movie and It's very funny. Lastly, the Harry Potter series.

[*]What are 3 of your favorite foods?: Deep dish pizza, strawberries, and pie.

[*]What are 3 of your favorite songs, bands, or musical artists?: Any kpop group, Panic! At the Disco, and Black Viel Brides. But I'm open to any kind of music.


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I'd love to talk to you to get to know you more and hopefully form a friendship with you. I identify as bisexual too, and I just so happen to be relocating to Indiana in the very near future! So IRL playdates could possibly be a thing in the future for me (California is too big and I'm not readily available for North or South Cali local events or playdates)

My Kik name is available on my profile page but I'm also welcome to messaging on here as well. <3

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