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New little girl looking for best friend!

Posted: |October 3rd, 2018|, 12:38 pm
by Deleted User 47752
*Name: Bebe

*Location: Washington state

*Biological Age: 30

*How do you identify yourself?: A little girl/nymphette

*What are some important things to know about you?: I am introverted, I am a new little just starting this journey with my Daddy, I love tea, reading, playing with dolls/stuffies, kitties, watching cartoons, drawing, arts n crafts. Also, I love learning about ancient cultures, the occult, and earth based spirituality.

*How long have you been involved in the community?: Less than a year, very new!

*What type of friends are you looking to find?: I'm hoping to make a couple good friends and hopefully a best friend! I am pretty introverted and I strongly believe in quality over quantity. I've never had a best friend and that is something I hope for some day. I prefer making friends with other little girls.
Maybe pen pals starting off as e-pals??

*Are you open to long distance friendships or only local?: I would love love love to have a local friend but a pen pal/long distant friend would also be amazing!

*What are some things you want to do with friends?: Go on playdates, watch movies or shows together, write letters, talk about our personal challenges and accomplishments, do arts and crafts together, makeovers, texting, encourage each other, tea parties, and hikes..

*What are 3 movies you enjoy?: The Labyrinth, My Neighbour Totoro, The Love Witch

*What are 3 of your favorite foods?: Berry chocolate smoothies, nachos, watermelon

*What are 3 of your favorite songs, bands, or musical artists?: Sopor Aeternus, Arctic Monkeys, Wiggle Wop

Re: New little girl looking for best friend!

Posted: |October 6th, 2018|, 7:50 pm
by FuzzyBird
*gasp* Another Washingtonian?! HI!!!
I'm Fuzzy Bird, or just Bird! I'm 20, and I'm also new to this fandom. My littlespace age is around 6-8, I guess.
I like animals, nature, coloring, and SINGING musicals like Disney & stuff!!! Also puzzles!

*cough* Tea is better than coffee *cough*

Re: New little girl looking for best friend!

Posted: |October 21st, 2018|, 11:18 pm
by B00
Hi!! I’m new too and I think having an epal would be really neat. I’m a bit(a lot) east of Washington but still in the US. I think tea and stuffies are great too! I also relate to not having a best friend and I just started college so I’m lacking friendship in general.

Re: New little girl looking for best friend!

Posted: |October 29th, 2018|, 4:38 pm
by Deleted User 47752
Hi and thank you for replying!! I'm sorry for not responding sooner, life has been pretty hectic lately! I actually moved to Oregon so if either of you are still interested, please feel free to message me. Thank you again!

Re: New little girl looking for best friend!

Posted: |January 2nd, 2019|, 11:25 pm
by Giggles
IM A LITTLE IN WASHINGTON TOO!! I wanna make friends and get to know you all!!