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  • Name: Cesar
  • Location: Tijuana, México
  • Biological Age: 18
  • How do you identify yourself?: I identify myself as a Furry who likes babyfur stuff, I don't know if identify myself as an ABDL because well, I like diapers, I wear diapers, but I'm not that much into being little, get a caretaker or similars, I just like wearing them, and I want to meet people who likes diapers too. I'm a artist that likes to draw babyfur
  • What are some important things to know about you?: My main language is Spanish, so maybe my grammar or my vocabulary doesn't have diversity, but I know enough english to have a conversation online or even irl. Also you have to know that I'm not that much into diapers, i don't have strong interest about being little as I said on how I identify myself, also I don't like diapers as something sexual.
  • How long have you been involved in the community?: To the community itself.... today, I liked diapers since time ago, but I didn't enter into the community for the reason that I felt uncomfortable seeing about ABDL's, but now I want to learn about the nice part of the community.
  • What type of friends are you looking to find?: Girls or boys that likes diapers, I really want to have a nice friendship, I have been feeling alone lately.
  • Are you open to long distance friendships or only local?: As local friends may be impossible because I'm from Mexico, that would be great, neither way, long distance friends are cool.
  • What are some things you want to do with friends?: Play videogames, talk about diapers, share cute babyfur art, draw, talk about general stuff, you know, have a friend who could share part of my life.
  • What are 3 movies you enjoy?: Im not much into movies, but I could say Zootopia, Wreck it Ralph... you know animated movies.
  • What are 3 of your favorite foods?: Pizza!, Tacos (obviously, I'm mexican after all (?)) and Calditos de México uwu
  • What are 3 of your favorite songs, bands, or musical artists?: I don't have any favorite band or music, I like music in general uwu

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