Friendship? Buddy? Penpal? Come find community friends here.
Forum rules: Do NOT ever post usernames to chat programs (Skype, Kik, WhatsApp, etc.). They will be removed from posts.
Only post your usernames to other chat programs or websites in your profile.

No "Personals" ads or "Friends with Benefits" posts permitted here!
* Note: If you are looking for "friendship" involving sexual contact/chat then go to DateCGL.
* Don't be sneaky! If you are a Caregiver only looking for "little friends" then go to DateCGL.
* Don't be sly! If you are a little only looking for "Caregiver friends" thengo to DateCGL.

Disclaimer: LittlespaceOnline does not perform criminal background checks. Please use your own judgement of safety when interacting and exchanging your personal details.
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By admin
  • Please only post your ad once. You are welcome to bump up your ad once every 24 hours for maximum exposure.
  • Try to be clear about what you're looking for in another person or persons.
  • Include some details about yourself. Appearance, hobbies, other main interests, and location are a few good aspects to touch on.
  • Between 1 and 3 paragraphs (3-5 sentences each) usually provides a good amount of information for your ad.
  • You are welcome to post up to two (2) images of yourself per ad. Please do not post more than 2 in your ad. You are welcome to post additional photos in the Showing Off thread.
  • Do not use our chat system, private messaging options, or forum to build external chat groups, sites, fan bases, or communities. Abuse of our communication methods may result in being permanently banned from the community.
  • You are not welcome to use our community for link building to your website, journal, blog, external chat or video/streaming site, or other link unless explicitly agreed upon with the site admin directly.

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