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We are working on implementing a live chat room for our members. To view, sign in to, or participate in the group chat then you absolutely must be registered and signed in to Littlespace Online. Registration is free so if you're not currently a member of the forum please feel free to sign up. It only takes 2 minutes at the most.

Our chatroom is not publicly displayed for member safety reasons.

The chatroom is located at the bottom of the forum index page as well as it's own display page if you click the large "chat" button on the upper right of the forum.

The chat is still being tweaked and should be fully functional by Tuesday, April 28, 2015. Until then you may see the chat room occasionally disappear, reset, or slightly alter. If you find a chatroom error or issue please let us know immediately so that we can work towards resolving it right away.

As always, thank you so much. :mrgreen:

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Reminder: Our chat box currently appears for only registered members.

Littlespace Online is free to join.

Join to gain access to the chat room. Right after you join the chat room will appear on the home page, under threads, on it's own chat page, and a few other spots. The chat room is instant, does show who is online, and private messages between online users can be sent instantly.

I hope that clears up some of the messages I've received from non-members. :)

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